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Getting to know you – Dimitrios Perdikoulis

Dimitrios was born in Greece but grew up in Africa, spending seven years in the Democratic Republic of Congo and then eight years in Mozambique where he learnt to speak both French and Portuguese. He moved back to Greece when he was fifteen, studied international relations in Amsterdam, went on to do a Masters at King’s College London and then decided to work in Mallorca where he met one of our EDs, Sharron Gunn. He transferred to London for four months before joining ICAEW this April.

Describe what your role is at One Moorgate Place.
I manage the business centre, so I have to  make sure that members are getting the best experience possible. Essentially, my job is to find solutions and to provide members with alternatives. I also deal with complaints and handle a wide range of inquiries.

What do you think you need to do to be a good Front of House staff member?
I would break it down to 3 key areas. Be proactive, anticipate your customers’ needs; and establish a connection with them. Being professional is a must, but you also have to be friendly. Working at ICAEW means you see some members fairly often so a little goes a long way – saying ‘nice to see you again’ makes them feel welcome.

How do you think working for a members organisation differs to working in the hospitality industry?
Customer service is the same across all industries, as long as you understand that your duty is to provide solutions and that the customer is always right.

What do you like about working with One Moorgate Place?
I know this sounds like something you should say about all workplaces but it’s a really healthy working environment. Additionally staff welcome you to the team genuinely. I also like the fact that One Moorgate Place is less focused on rigid professionalism. When I come to work I don’t feel like I’m putting on an act, I am friendly because the environment is friendly – it’s not a performance!

What’s your favourite aspect of the design of the Business Centre?
It’s definitely the casual seating area because a lot of thought has gone into it. From the location of the chairs to where the plug points are placed. It looks like a really classy airport lounge and members love spending time there.