Vanilla Ice-Cream and Raspberry & Gooseberry Eton Mess

We're a bit dessert obsessed here at One Moorgate Place. We have to stop ourselves from having one of Tali's cakes everyday! So, we thought for this month we'd abandon our strict sugar ban (we're not very good at sticking to it!) and give you a few summery dessert recipe ideas. We have a basic vanilla ice-cream recipe which can be amped up with chocolate, coffee or any flavor you enjoy. And, an Eton Mess, a traditional British dessert with delicious seasonal fruits.

Basic Vanilla Ice-Cream Mixture

10-12 portions

300g double cream
300g full fat milk
100g (4-5) egg yolks
80g caster sugar
1 vanilla pod

1. Split the vanilla pod in half.
2. Slowly bring the double cream, milk and vanilla pod to a gentle simmer in a thick bottom pan.
3. Whisk together the egg yolk and sugar until smooth and light.
4. Add half the cream and milk mixture whilst whisking so not to cook the egg yolks, when smooth pour back into pan whisking continuously.
5. On a low heat bring mixture back to 82°C.
6. Place the mixture in a large flat tray to allow the mixture to cool-down quickly.
7. When cold, place mix into ice-cream machine and churn until required consistence.
8. Store in freezer in an air-tight container.

To make a white chocolate and coffee flavoured ice cream simply add 50g white chocolate and a shot of espresso to the warm cream and eggs before churning.

Raspberry and Gooseberry Eton Mess

1 punnet of English raspberries
1 punnet of English gooseberries
2 egg whites
200g caster sugar
Squeeze of lemon
100ml double cream
The seeds of 1 vanilla pod
Sprig of mint


1. Preheat the oven to 120°C or a low heat.
2. In a clean metal bowl whisk the egg whites till foamy then slowly add the caster sugar to eventually cause stiff peaks.
3. Add a squeeze of lemon in to a bowl and whisk for 2 minutes.
4. Pipe the mixture onto a baking sheet (or if you don’t own a piping bag spoon the mixture evenly).
5. Bake on a low heat for roughly an hour and a half or until crunchy.
6. Leave the meringue to cool, don’t worry about any cracks that form.
7. Whip cream and vanilla pod with a pinch of sugar until the mixture creates soft peaks.
8. Wash and dry the fruit and chop roughly.
9. Break the meringue into varied sized pieces.
10. Gently fold in the chopped berries and add the crushed meringues.
11. Garnish with a sprig of mint.