Great City Chefs Competition 2019


The Great City Chefs is finally here! 

Now in its third year, this renowned competition is still going strong. Chefs from several of Searcy's restaurants go head to head in producing stand-out dishes, gaining inspiration from seasonal ingredients and global food trends. This competiton is an opportunity for chefs to show off their culinary talents and feature their dishes at the final grand banquet - held at One Moorgate Place. Dishes are assessed by a panel of judges who will decide which dishes have the wow-factor.

The competition celebrates seasonal British ingredients. Each dish has to conform to a chosen theme, this year being sustainability.  We are looking for chefs to take this brief to the next level and will be judged by their creativity and ability to experiment with new culinary techniques.

The competition consists of four rounds including a starter, fish course, main course and dessert and will culminate in the summer banquet in our Great Hall.


Who is competing? 

This year, our talented chefs are from the following restaurants: 

  • Avery and Overy
  • DLA Piper
  • One Moorgate Place
  • Searys St Pancras


What happened in the starter round?

The competition kick-started off with a number of delectable dishes. Judges were looking for chefs who really paid attention to the brief as well as producing culinary works of art. The winner, Lazlo Bazse wowed judges with his MSC certified Smoked salmon tartar, compressed cucumber, pickled radish caviar, fresh cress salad. Trust us, it tasted as fresh and delicate as it sounds! Most ingredients were sourced from Northern Ireland farms and Lazlo ensured minimal waste during production

The runners up included Olantunji Korkor's White Nancy dish which consisted of violet potatoes, truffle roulade,white Nancy goat’s cheese and basil cream.

Our very own Alfi Cobley produced Pork & Tarragon Terrine, Apricot and Salted Fennel - using the pigs head as the focal point of the dish as the most discarded part of the animal. 

All chefs impressed with their innovative creations and strict adherence to the theme. But-there can only be one winner!

Stay tuned to find out who wins the fish round...


When is the next round? 

Watch this space for the next round in September. This time, chefs will be producing their own fish dish. Let's see how they do! 

In the meantime, check out our social channels to keep up to date on what's happening with the Great City Chef competition.