2020- The Age of the Auditorium


Known for their excellent acoustics and paramount views, an auditorium can fit all of your requirements if you are looking for something original and interactive.


What is the purpose of an auditorium?


An auditorium by definition is a space which is traditionally used for public meetings or performances. The tiered arrangement of an auditorium encourages participation and engagement from your audience and surround-sound due to an amphitheater style seating arrangement,   making it excellent for presenting any topical area.


What type of events are typically held in an auditorium?


There are many ways of using an auditorium but here are some suggestions:

  •  Lectures
  •  Trade shows, conferences and conventions
  •  Concerts and performances
  •  Memorials
  • Student functions, such as graduations


What does our Auditorium have to offer?


Once named the Council Chamber, the recently refurbished auditorium is a sight to behold. Bursting with natural daylight, this amphitheatre style room is full of cutting- edge technology fit for any media presentation, conference, lecture or debate. Seating 107, each seating area is kitted out with a microphone for audience participation and comfortable seats to make ensure your audience feels at home. This room also has blackout blinds and top-of-the-range technical facilities to add intimacy and modernity to your event. 


What’s more, we have a breakout area, the auditorium lounge – perfect for break sessions, networking and catering. The sophisticated and refined
décor provides a comfortable environment to relax and refresh.


What Equipment do we have?

- Fixed HD Projector & 9.5’x5.5’ Screen
- HD side plasma screens
- 3 Top table comfort monitors 20”
- 2 VGA with audio & HDMI plates with cables for connecting laptop to screen
- Lifesize unit for Audio & Video conferencing
- 3 Cameras for Video conferencing
- 2 Resident Dell laptops
- Resident Dell PC
- Barco clickshare
- Lapel, Revlab Handheld and Goose Neck microphones
- Fixed Bosch microphone on every seat
- TV
- Blu-ray player
- Resident Tascam MP3 Recorder
- Resident Kensington Clicker
- 2 Mini jack sound feeds
- 62” HD Screen in Atrium



If you are thinking of hiring our auditorium  for your next event, contact us today.  You will be equipped with a skilled account manager and technicians on-site, as well as catering in our auditorium lounge if required.