Rediscover One Moorgate


In 2020 work began to renovate the Main Reception and Members Room ensuring both remained true to the building's historical and cultural heritage.


Despite being a Grade II listed building, One Moorgate Place continues to move with the times and under the watchful eye of the City of London, conservation work began.   It was a huge challenge to retain the heritage appeal of the rooms whilst providing the very latest equipment to cater for our varied clients needs.  


A bespoke credenza, designed and built specifically for each room, was installed to cleverly conceal the location of PC, barco clickshare and mirophones.    It also houses a 2.4M Stewart projector screen which emerges from the credenza at the touch of a button.  


We re-open on the 6th September and look forward to welcoming you back into the venue, if you would like to view the renovated rooms or have a tour before the 6th, then please contact