An interview with Executive Head Chef, Prashant Patil


What is your main role in the One Moorgate Place Kitchen?


As an executive chef, I hold the overall responsibility of all outlets at One Moorgate Place. That includes café, internal and external events and club which is exclusively for members.

My job entails multiple functions. For example, I liaise and negotiate with all produce suppliers, sourcing high quality, seasonable and often sustainable produce.

I also devise new concepts and am responsible for seasonal menu changes of all outlets and overlooking them on day to day basis. On any day, we are catering up to 400 - 600 people, so its non-stop!


What made you become a chef and what previous experience do you have in kitchens?


I started cooking at home really early on in life with my mother who was a secondary school principal and very busy lady. As the youngest member of the family I was given kitchen tasks on daily basis, this laid the foundation of my passion for cooking.

I completed my hospitality management studies where I gained in-depth knowledge on several essential hospitality-based trades including  housekeeping, front of office, health and safety and cooking. This was an intense four-year course.

I then went on to work at the 5 star ITC Hotels in Mumbai, India. I was fortunate to work for Raymond Blanc for eight years which was an exceptional culinary experience, his influence further developed my ability to create amazing food and to help others to do the same. I also  had an opportunity to work in Australia for a year. Upon my return to UK, I worked with D&D and opened Bluebird Restaurant in White City, London.


How would you describe your cooking style and what are your influences?

I would say, it has the influence of both traditional French and modern British cuisine. My experience working with Brasserie Blanc gave  me a contemporary flavor for European cuisine.


What does a mid-week meal look like for you?

At home, we mostly eat traditional Indian vegetarian food based on fresh ingredients like Okra, Dill leaves, Fenugreek leaves, Sprouts, Bitter gourd and more...


Who would your dream dinner guests be and what would you cook for them?

I would love to cook for my mum who is an exceptional cook and would relish her feedback. Knowing how much she loves good food, I am sure she will be very critical.


What would you say is your inspiration?

Raymond Blanc. I spent many hours learning from him. He taught me how important it is to share knowledge and follow the mantra of being a responsible chef.


When are you happiest at work?

I am always happy to be in a kitchen. Things can always go wrong but you learn how to handle things through experience and try not to let it affect me.


What is your favourite comfort food?

Hands down home cooked food for me, I believe it is better and healthier


What restaurant did you last eat at?

The last one we went to was a One Michelin Star Angler which is a fish restaurant based in Moorgate. It is exceptional!


Thank you so much for this Prashant! We will look out for your exceptional dishes in the future!