Dycie’s Delight – a signature cocktail

So this month's recipe is slightly off piste. As a venue we're used to the request for signature cocktails at networking drinks. We all have drinks that we like to make that are slightly outside of the usual G&T  or pint of lager and a packet of crisps and this month's cocktail is definitely that! Marcia our Business Development Manager is letting us in on a little secret, her 'Dycie's Delight'....

It all started with a holiday in the Austrian alps.

Sitting by the bar looking at the snow filled mountains, I felt the need for a nice soothing cocktail.

Now what could I have, wasn’t really feeling what was on offer, so I decided to design my own.

Mmmm, Amaretto sweet and intense,  Southern Comfort, reminds me of an old boyfriend and lemonade, sparkling like my personality.

So, I came up with…Dycie’s Delight, A shot of Amaretto, a shot of Southern Comfort, filled with lemonade and ice, shaken not stirred with a cherry on top.


25ml Southern Comfort

25ml Amaretto

Lemonade to top up

1 maraschino cherry



  1. Fill a cocktail shaker or empty jam jar with ice.  
  2. Add the measures of Southern Comfort and Amaretto.
  3. Put on the lid and shake the mixture vigorously.
  4. Fill a long glass with ice.
  5. Add the alcohol mixture and top the drink up with lemonade to taste.
  6. Top with a cherry and enjoy your cocktail!

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