AV at One Moorgate Place


When we reopen our doors, our inbuilt, state of the art technology will be available to facilitate a wide range of events including the increasingly popular hybrid event .

Check out what is in store AV wise for your events next year and beyond.

Our Virtual Tech

With our integrated technology, hosting physical, hybrid and fully virtual events in the future will never be easier. From our larger conferencing spaces to our small meeting rooms and training spaces, access our streaming facilities which have the capability of connecting your participants globally.


Take advantage of our broadcasting options with question and answers facilities for video and audio, where you can reach up to 10,000 viewers interactively. Our on-site technicians have in-depth knowledge of the AV systems and are at hand before, during and after events to assist in any way possible.


Our In-House Facilities

As well as our streaming facilities, each of our meeting rooms is equipped with videoconferencing units, large presentation screens and strong, reliable Wi-Fi. Our systems are not only extremely user friendly, allowing for quick setup, but they also add to the modern and stylish surroundings provided by our meeting rooms.


Our larger conference spaces also benefit from further integrated AV technology including Cestron digital sound systems, multiple microphone options and digital branding options. These sound systems, wireless microphones, lectern mics, auto-cue systems and comfort monitors allow for stunning and effortless audio experiences - perfect for presentations.


In our Great Hall the integrated lighting transforms the room. Uplighting and downlighting can be adjusted with ease to match your brand or theming. The floor-length lights in this space illuminate the room with a twinkly glow if desired and further transformations can be made in coordination with our brilliant One Moorgate Place Events Team to create perfect settings for weddings, conferences, large-scale dinners, and parties.

Extra benefits for you

With our innovative technology, events can be held at very short notice from less than 24 hours and most AV facilities are included in the price of the room. Speak to one of our team to see how our facilities and knowledge can benefit your future events


See below some feedback from a client on their experience working in our space:

CFA Society:
"The AV at one Moorgate place is all conveniently built in giving us as the event organiser one less thing to worry about. The large projectors in the great hall are fantastic with a screen that nearly covers the back wall.'
This makes the space feel modern and attendees never have any issues with seeing what’s going on. The AV team are extremely helpful and professional always ensuring that videos/slides/sound is all tested in advance, giving you peace of mind.”