British food Fortnight – the low down

What a couple of weeks we’ve had at One Moorgate Place with the British Food Fortnight! The café has been abuzz with excited staff and members who got really invested in what we had to offer for the fortnight. From delicious seasonal dishes in the café to visits for our suppliers, the café has never been busier.

We began on Tuesday 26 with a visit from 1 County London Suppliers. Lured in by the promise of free fruit, staff put their questions to Matt and tasted new and rare vegetables including Popcorn shoots. The competition was not an easy one, you had to guess the vegetable produced the closest to One Moorgate Place. The answer? Coriander! Georgia, one of the few that guessed correctly won a basket full of fruit.

On Thursday we had Paul Rhodes come in, and it was a feeding frenzy! Tarts, loaves of bread, jam doughnuts and biscuits were wolfed down within an hour. We had hundreds of entries to the competition which asked How many tonnes of flour does Paul Rhodes get through in a week? 16 tonnes, it was made quite clear that some people really didn’t know what a tonne is. 

Finally we had Harvey & Brockless come in and they let us try some of their best English cheeses, from Somerset Brie to Lancashire Bomber we travelled the country through cheese. Our final competition asked how far the Lancashire Bomber had travelled from its farm in Lancashire to One Moorgate Place, only 193 miles!

British Food Fortnight has been a great opportunity to get to know some of our suppliers a bit better and the tasting samples always go down well, keep an eye for what’s happening at One Moorgate Place as we have quite a few things in the pipeline.