Getting to Know: Andrew One Moorgate Place

Andrew currently works at One Moorgate Place and is representing us at this year's Great City Chef's competition with his colleague Mario. They were victorious in the fish course with their slow cooked octopus dish which surprised and intrigued our judges. Find out more about Andrew's background. 

What made you become a chef and what is your previous experience?

My granddad, he cooked for the queen so he pointed me in the right direction. I would say I’ve been training all my life. I went to college for three years and have spent three years in restaurants before One Moorgate Place.

How would you describe your cooking and what are your influences?

I would say European Modern and that has come from my experiences in places where I have worked. I am inspired by chefs like Michel Roux Jnr. and Andy McLeish.

What does a mid-week meal look like for you?

Well let me first say chefs don’t eat glamorously. To be honest I would normally grab something on the way home or my girlfriend will put a stew on for when I get in. When you’ve been cooking all day you don’t really fancy cooking for yourself.

Who would be your dream dinner guests and what would you cook for them?

I think again it would have to be Michel Roux Jnr. I’d spend most of my time asking thousands of questions about cooking. I’d also invite Marco Pierre White and I’d also grill him. And I would make them a seafood Bouillabaisse

What would you like to get out of the Great City Chefs competition?

I would all myself quite a competitive person so I am looking forward to a bit of a healthy competition. But from the whole competition I'm looking to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible.