Chefs Go Underground

In late January our Executive Head Chef, John Beattie, and his team made a visit to a micro herb farm facilitated by our vegetable supplier Country London Suppliers. Hidden 100ft under Clapham, in re-purposed WWII air-raid shelters, Growing Underground grows a plethora of flavour packed and interesting micro herbs. Urban farms, like Growing Underground, are perfect for menus like ours that are conscious of where our food comes from, who produces it and supporting smaller enterprises in our City. John, especially, was taken aback by the ingenuity of the farm and its futuristic approach. It makes us think how we will be growing plants in 80 years’ time?

These plants are not just green by nature but are sustainable, using 70% less water than open field farming and really do embody the wartime push for Digging for (a sustainable) Victory!


Interesting Fact:

ICAEW and WWII - British Prisoners of War were given the opportunity to take the ACA whilst captured and were taught by existing members who had also been captured to help them pass their exams. So, post-war they’d be able to follow a respected trade.


Photograph taken by: Martin Cervenansky