Visiting Some of Searcy’s City Venues

Hannah, Patrick, Katie and Pip spent a glorious Friday morning visiting some of the Searcy’s venues near us. We nipped into the Barbican, Vintner’s Hall and stopped for a delicious (and really fancy!) lunch at Inner Temple. First we took a tour of the Barbican with Rhiannon, it was quite a busy day there but we managed to quietly slip into the conservatory to get a feel of their festival summer theming. It’s definitely a delightfully different place to hold a conference!


After getting a little bit lost in the concrete jungle that is the High Walks, we made our way to Vintner’s Hall. It was such a surprise! We didn’t know that their venue was available for hire, it’s so deeply steeped in history. Everywhere you looked there was something of historical significance. The space was originally bequeathed in 1446 and was built around a similar time, so One Moorgate Place (built in 1893) is a baby in comparison. We had to drag ourselves away from the rooftop terrace, the view of London is just beautiful.


Finally, we made our way along the river to Inner Temple, unfortunately the Summer marquee was being dismantled so we could only peer into the three acre garden but we got a good tour of the Luncheon Room. Eating in the hall was quite intimidating because there were a few masters who were eating lunch at the top table so we were briefed on how to address them and instructed that we couldn’t walk past the table as a sign of respect. It was fish and chip Friday and Searcy’s catering didn’t disappoint! It was a struggle to fit in pudding, but we managed. Fluffy meringues with giant strawberries, oozing Crème brûlée and rich rice pudding, dessert heaven!