And the winner is … Heritage Tomato Essence

In a field of starters like Beef Carpaccio with lobster, Egg yolk ravioli and a celebration of Asparagus, Heritage Tomato Essence was the real underdog of the pack. A seemingly unassuming dish that glorified the tomato for many might be bland or maybe even unimaginative but the name did not give away the delight that was to come. With surprise consommés and flavoursome cheesy foams this dish completely stole the show. We won’t reveal too much about it because we don’t want to spoil the surprise at the banquet but it was even hailed by a tomato sceptic. 

It was a very successful afternoon and we look forward to seeing whether our guests at the banquet agree with our judges choices and are equally as surprised by the dish. A big thank you to Jess and Nicki from CFA UK for helping out other judges John Beattie, Nick Parker, ICAEW’s Vice President, and Richard Davis.

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