Organising Last Minute Meetings – Don’t Panic!

Have you ever been given the task of organising a last minute meeting for a large number of people for important clients? Last minute bookings are something that one of our BD executives, Vanessa, works with often so she definitely gives sound advice.

You receive an enquiry from a client at 5pm on a Friday afternoon for a meeting on Monday morning where do you begin?
We need to know exactly how many people are attending the meeting so we can match up the availability we have, and whether we need to liase with other clients to change their space to accommodate you. So if you can come to me with all the relevant information, how many, for how long and whether you require catering and we’ll try and make it happen.

What if the client knows very little about the event, what are the basics you require?
Dates, timings and guest numbers, also what type of meeting it will be. Once we’ve established this we can work out the finer details together.

So how late is too late?
It’s never too late! We have a very close knit team here at One Moorgate Place and because of that we’re able to liase with other bookings and catering options to make sure every event in the building runs smoothly and every client has an enjoyable experience.

How can establishing a long lasting relationship with a venue beneficial to the client?
It’s great to establish connections with venues because you never know what will happen. We once had some structural damage to One Moorgate Place and couldn’t fulfil our event bookings, but we were able to transfer our events to a nearby venue painlessly and with little stress to the clients involved.

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