Top 10 Elements to Consider when Organising a Christmas Event.


1. Venue Availability

Venue availability can pose a problem if you do not book in advance. Book early to avoid disappointment!. It’s a good idea to see the venue beforehand and take photos to help you visualise your event. Feel free to ask about what packages are available, including in-house catering, AV equipment, Christmas decorations, on-site staff and more. At One Moorgate Place, we provide all of this at your disposal!

Remember: The last Thursdays leading up to Christmas are very popular for bookings, so keep this in mind when securing your event!

2. Entertainment

If you know of a great band you know can perform wonders, why wait till the last minute to book them? Book entertainment in early so you can guarantee your event will be a party no one can forget! Some venues include in-house entertainment (including One Moorgate Place) so speak to the site to see what they can provide.

3. Accommodation

If your event is in London or a major city, consider hotel accommodation which is affordable, easy to get to and not too far from the event. Speak to the venue to see if they can recommend some options which will work for you and your delegates. If you book with us, we can assist you with this.

4.Book in the date to increase Attendance!

A lot of work deadlines can be set before the Christmas break, meaning that guests may have a lot of work to complete before considering a party or event. What’s more, Christmas social calendars fill up fast for most people so get the date early in delegates diaries to ensure healthy attendance.


The size of your budget will determine the type of Christmas event you can hold. The earlier you understand how much you have to spend, the better. Prioritise all monies accordingly and share information with key stakeholders, so they know how much needs to be allocated for costs. It’s also advisable to keep some reserve money, in case any unexpected costs come up.

6.Themes and concepts

Christmas events can come in all shapes, sizes, formats and themes. A good theme can really make it a memorable experience. When conceptualising your theme, consider the layout of the room including the entrance, the bar, table centres and unique features in the venue. Also, you can think of the event in various stages and how this can relate to the theme including arrival, reception drinks, dinner, after-dinner dancing and drinking. Don’t forget the dress code, choice of music, food and drink menus.

Remember: Consider location, budget, delegate numbers and planning strategy when planning your theme.

7. Food and drink

Food is one of the most essential parts of a great Christmas event. Whether it’s a traditional roast you are looking for or something more theme orientated, chose your catering wisely. In-house catering is usually cheaper and can be very good. At One Moorgate Place, we have Christmas packages.

Remember: Consider how you want food served, e.g. in buffet style or a three-course menu. Make sure you discuss food preferences with the venue kitchen and organise any vegetarian/vegan options if needs be.

For drinks, it may be nice to choose a festive selection of cocktails and arrival beverages. To manage costs, ensure a tab is placed behind the bar or include drinks vouchers . Again consider how you want the drinks served and by whom.

8. Inviting the guests

Make sure you have a robust plan when inviting your guests. Remember, wording is significant. Make sure the invite is aligned with the theme and include a share option if you are sending your invite electronically. Perhaps include an accept invite function within the email so you can know numbers before the event. Don’t forget to add the date, venue address, format, start/finish time, theme and dress code.

9. Itinerary

Create an easy to read document which details a full itinerary to ensure a seamless event. Make sure to include a table plan so people can mingle and speak to those they usually wouldn’t and include name cards. Include all event manager details and send to those helping to bring the event together. On the night, ensure you are fully in contact with all in-house teams to resolve any unexpected issues.

10. Feedback

Produce a simple feedback survey to gain insight into how the event went, including what they liked and what they didn’t for an improved experience next year

Here at One Moorgate Place,  we provide all of the above and more. Contact us today to secure your Christmas booking. Even if you don't we hope these tips will help you make your Christmas event a great Success!