Peter Footitt – Our Pastry Chef

We welcome Peter Footitt, our dessert chef who wowed our guests with his mouth-watering dessert which featured in our Great City Chef banquet this month. 


We explore all things dessert with Peter, as we delves into his culinary history and discover why he choose his winning dish. 


What is your main role in the One Moorgate Place Kitchen ?

I am responsible for the organisation and production of desserts for One Moorgate Place. I make anything sweet which includes everything from fine-dining dishes and sweet canapés to cakes for our café,  I also have a lot of influence on menus, working in accordance to season which is in-line with our sustainability commitment.   



What made you become a chef and what previous experience do you have in kitchens?


We moved to France when I was young and so I grew up with a lot of traditional  French cuisine. At 16, I began studying a four year course in culinary school and in the fifth year, I specialised in desserts and pastry.


What I like about cooking desserts and pastries is the precision and technique that is required when baking.  French classics like Paris Breast, Éclairs and Profiteroles are my favourite to cook because I enjoy the challenge of making complicated desserts. In 2013, I moved to England and worked at Ritz. During my time there, I worked for their afternoon tea function,  managing a team of 15. After that, I came here to work as a pastry chef.


How would you describe your cooking style and what are your influences?


My cuisine is definitely French based with English inspiration. When I’m at home, Korean food is the main cuisine I love to cook.



What influenced your winning dish for Great City Chefs 2019/20?



We were given a theme of sustainability and wanted my dish to reflect this through seasonal produce. The concept of the dessert is shaped around Rhubarb which was in season at the time of conception.  I wanted to add complexity to the dish by creating a multi-layer cake which included the creamy texture of a mousse and the sharpness of the fruit.


How do you typically prepare for such a large banquet?


I usually prep a day or two before.  For the Great City Banquet dish, it was essential it rested for a day or two to ensure the sponge settles and the cream intermingles with it so it’s nice and soft.


What would you say is your inspiration?


I would say most of my dishes are self-inspired and influenced by my kitchen colleagues who are from a range of backgrounds and experience. I think it’s essential to put yourself in the shoes of your customer to guarantee excellent delivery and service.  


When are you happiest at work?


Seeing people enjoy my desserts  – I’m particularly happy with my cinnamon rolls!


Thank you Peter! Come down to our One Moorgate Place cafe soon to sample one of his delicious desserts or, alternatively book an event with us and sample his finest sweet dishes!