Getting to know you – Richard Davis

Richard Davis is the General Manager of One Moorgate Place and has an extensive history with food. He started out working under Keith Floyd, has worked with Leith’s and spent 2 years as Executive Head Chef of Leith’s. In a General Manager role, before One Moorgate Place he spent 4 years at the QEII Centre and 8 months in Kew Gardens managing their events spaces. So, needless to say he is more than qualified to judge Great City Chefs.

What would you cook to impress someone?

Grilled lobster, sometimes things are just better when they’re done simply.

What’s your go to midweek meal?

Macaroni cheese, although this wouldn’t be my first choice, it’s always a crowd pleaser with the family.

Guilty Food Pleasure?

Now, he firstly said oysters but we said that is far too fancy for a guilty pleasure so he opted for minstrels instead – how can oysters be a guilty pleasure?!

As a judge what are you looking for?

A recognition of seasonality and freshness, original but not overly complicated.

What kind of judge will you be?

I will be fair, my chef days are over.

If he could compare himself to a TV judge who would it be?

Will.I.Am – I’m a little bit out there.