Getting to know you – Tali Kitay

It’s time to learn a little bit more about our third chef taking part in the Great City Chefs. Her work is very popular here at One Moorgate Place, she’s the pastry chef and we’re big fans of the cakes she bakes for the Business Centre Café every day. Tali has been a pastry chef for 7 years.


If you were to make a meal to impress what would you cook?
I would definitely be something with chocolate, everyone loves chocolate! And I would pair it with something bubbly, champagne and chocolates are a classic combination.


What would you cook for yourself as a mid-week meal?
A fish salad, it’s light but filling and it doesn’t take too long to make after a long day in the kitchen. 


How would you describe your cooking?
I’m very much a rustic cook, I like simple cooking because you can allow your ingredients to shine.

Tali won the starter round with Heritage Tomato Essence, which as a dish really does reflect this ethos of her deceptively simple cooking which really champion the ingredients whilst still showing off creative flare and cooking talent.


What would you like to get out of the competition?
It’s mainly to enjoy myself, I’m challenging myself to work differently and its great fun to see my colleagues trying new things and really showing off what they can do. It’s definitely a friendly competition, we all want one another to do their best.