The Latest 2020 Trends for Impactful Events


Want to plan the perfect event which will turn heads in 2020? With technological advances taking over the event industry and an increased expectation of delivering highly functional, interactive, content-led events, how can you win over your delegates and keep them coming back? 


We look into crucial 2020 trends for you to consider to make your next event a success!


Increase your immersive experiences 

As society becomes more accustomed to interactive events, immersive experiences are naturally the next step. A blend of creativity and technology can make a good event even better. Consider digitalised virtual tours or virtual reality glasses to showcase your product and branded apps for added differentiation and edge. There are other cost-effective methods like gaming apps where you set up virtual questions and competitions, leader boards and awards point systems to increase visits to parts of your events. It’s all about making your event one to remember!


Apps are on the rise

The need for event branded apps which people can access on their device is on the rise. Companies are now using branded apps, giving the user a complete personalised experience when at an event. Apps often include information on event agenda and session times, break-out areas, reward incentives, maps/floor plans, meal times etc. This allows the audience to have more control of the event by choosing what they want to see and when, giving them a more customised, personalised experience. It’s an investment that may be worth looking into!


Feedback Is the Way to Measure Experiences

Do you only grab the feedback forms after the event has taken place? This isn’t the case for 2020. This year, expect to make immediate changes from real-time feedback forms with new technologies.

Technology such as RFID and smart badges can be an excellent data source which you can use to you solve any solution to a problem a delegate may face in real-time. This could range from anything from resolving catering issues to reporting back on room temperature or speaker feedback. You could also use this technology for your own benefit. For example, if you notice a room is not as full as it should be, you can use push-notifications to encourage more attendance.


Using your data to drive your next event. 

Remember that data you may have captured during your last event? Use it to determine which speakers would work best and what topical areas to focus on. The data you capture can lay the foundation of your event logistics, set-up and content. Personalisation is considered an essential component when attracting audience attention. You can use previous data to produce marketing which reflects individual tastes and interests by segmenting your data and personalising your content in your marketing communications for a more customised approach.


It’s all about wellbeing 

Wellness is a super-buzz word for 2020. This includes physical wellbeing and mindfulness.

Events coordinators from multiple industries are including some form of Wellness into their event strategy to a) demonstrate the importance of health and b) to encourage networking opportunities and better conversations. It may be advantageous to set up a lunchtime yoga class, a talk from a mental health charity spokesman, short bursts of meditation or something simple like a tech-free zone. 

Plant-based diets are in demand more than ever and should be seriously considered when thinking about your catering. It’s always best to include both vegan and vegetarian options at your event to ensure you are advocating inclusion – another buzzword for 2020. 


Appeal to the Bleisure Traveller for Greater Attendance 


Have you ever heard of the term ‘Bleisure’? This refers to someone who may want to combine business with pleasure. In this case, a delegate may wish to attend an event and then enjoy the destination where the event is located. For example, if you had an event in the heart of the city, they may want to know what cultural activities they can do afterwards and what hotels to stay in. It is imperative that you source a location which a centralised destination, where the delegate can enjoy leisure activities at their disposal. Adding information about local activities/hotels as part of your marketing communications for differentiation and competitive edge.


Engagement and interaction

When individuals attend an event, they are still very keen to have a face to face interaction. According to a recent marketing event survey, 52% of respondents noted that directly speaking to a business had more of a significant impact on their decision making than receiving a digital campaign communication. Networking is also considered one of the most important aspects of any event. Many event managers are now sourcing venues which have specific designated areas specifically for networking opportunities. These tend to be open spaces which may include private rooms for more one to one conversations.

Also, you want if you need more interaction between ourselves and your audience, consider live polls. Polling is an easy, interactive way for attendees to remain engaged during sessions and share their thoughts and opinions in anonymity. 



Sustainability is at the forefront of this year. Many companies are taking their carbon footprint very seriously. Delegates expect events venue’s to do the same. This requires a holistic approach when looking into how to reduce your events environmental impact from only inviting attendees in the local area to using plastic-free cups or plant-based catering. By taking on some of these aspects, you present your brand as one who takes their environmental impact seriously and can gage more traction through this ever-important subject matter.


Here at One Moorgate Place, we can help you deliver your event this year.  We have rooms which can cater up to 400 people, fitted with state of the art AV technology,  break-out areas for networking, sustainable catering, located in the heart of the city. Our dedicated events team can help you set up an event from concept ideation to delivery. Contact us today to see how we can help you deliver on your goals.