Why everyone is buying into Breakfast Briefings



As the world of work is ever changing, there has been a shift towards short, interactive morning sessions. We highlight 5 reasons as to why Breakfast Briefings are on the rise.




One of the biggest advantages is that an attendee can visit an informative breakfast briefing and still have time to go back to work and continue the rest of their day. This saves the attendee any need to justify a full day out of the office to their employer and allows them to share quick insights that may be beneficial to their respective businesses.


2.Building connections


Breakfast briefings are specially designed to give attendees a snapshot of a chosen subject matter. Often, marketing material is produced alongside the event, which is given to the attendees after so they can continue the customer journey online. Face to face interaction with a speaker or an interactive session instils brand message which can be reinforced further down the sales funnel on alternative platforms like websites, emails or social media.




A breakfast briefing is a perfect place to network. Early morning starts can be a huge ice-breaker as people often opt firstly for small talk about the catering or weather and continue with business-related talk once comfortable. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and secure useful relationships in the future.


4.Early Starts


It has been proven for many people, an early start makes people more productive. This could be used as a key promotional tool when marketing your breakfast briefing. Plus, you will have the undivided attention of your audience, as long as you keep the briefing no longer than 90 minutes in total.


5.The breakfast!


Everyone likes a free meal – particularly breakfast. Opt for rolls with traditional breakfast fillings, croissants, fruit and vegan options to ensure all attendees are catered for. People always tend to remember catering at an event so make sure you have a good selection which is familiar and filling to get the most out of your attendees.


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