Wimbledon Fever at One Moorgate Place

This year Wimbledon turns 140 making it the longest standing tennis tournament in the world. Every year London gets a touch of Wimbledon fever. For two weeks office workers surreptitiously listen to Andy Murray play his matches on the radio silently cheering him on. People who don’t follow the tennis for the rest of the year become obsessed with the underdogs and pas comments on service techniques and rally lengths. We are all overcome by sport!

As with all traditions, there are usually a few foodie traditions that come with it. There’s the Dutchee, a spicy sausage, synonymous with the championships, where an average of 60,000 are sold each year. Then, there’s the British classics of strawberries and cream (28,000kg sold- that’s 140,000 servings!) and fish and chips (over 10,000 portions sold) which fly off the shelves.

This year One Moorgate Place is catching Wimbledon fever and the café is having a Wimbledon take over! Every day for the next two weeks we’ll be making a few British classics to get you in the mood for cheering on your favourite tennis players. From your corned beef sandwiches to your ploughman’s to the good old fashioned British classic Fish and Chips, we’ve got you covered. So if you're a member in the area planning a lunch meeting or if you've booked an event at One Moorgate Place be sure to pop down and see what takes your fancy. It's also a great way to see what our chefs can create on a daily basis and maybe it'll influence your menu choices for your next event.